Sunday, April 5, 2009

Finally got there.

That's just great, Thrall. Wonderful, even.

Now tell everyone to STOP SPITTING ON ME!!!!!

(...Eh? What's that? My sister's been looking for me?)

Give me a break!

Listen, idjit, I was wiped out by the Scourge! The only people I've killed since then have all been Scarlet Idiots, I sincerely doubt any of them were related to you!

(Well, almost all, but I'm not going to tell HER that.)

Listen, buster!

I've about had enough of your attitude, and if you don't quit it I'll... uhm... well, considering how tough you guys are and how many of you there are, I won't do much, dammit.

I shoulda told Mograine to deliver his stupid letter himself!

Why do I think this is going to be one looonnng walk?

...I knew it.

How's the health plan?

So, Leo... how's unlife as a member of the Argent Crusade? D'ya get dental?


Well, that went better than I expected, sudden visit by the Lurch King included. I positively wallowed in the schadenfreude when Fordring went all glowy-Paladin-of-the-Light on his ass.

...Just look it up, OK?

Still, get a grip, Mograine. Just because you think we death knights don't have a place in the world doesn't mean the rest of us are going to join you in your little angst-fest. Us Forsaken do just fine being undead without feeling like we've got no right to unlife. Campaign against the Lurch King, you betcha; guilt trip, not so much.

This isn't looking so good.

Right. I get sent off on an 'important mission' by the Lurch King, not that I wanted to, but... you can't say no when he looks at you like that. You can't even think no. Believe me, I've tried. So, off I go with Highlord Mograine, who at least seems competent, Koltira Deathweaver, who can't be so great seeing as I was the one who rescued him from the Scarlet Stupids, and two human death knights, one of whom is entirely too nicey-wicey for his own good and the other of whom is a dyed-in-the-wool bastard. Between them they might make one properly cynical fighter.
I'm not entirely happy about this mission to start with. Of course there's the whole 'compelled against my will' thing, but that applies to everything I've been doing for the last who knows how long; what really torques my shorts is that this isn't a mission against the Scarlet Simps, this is a mission against the Argent Whatever-they-call-themselves. From what I've seen they're marginally more competent than the Scarlet Scum, and there might be a faint chance that they don't actually deserve to have the Scourge grind them into the dust. A lot of them are Alliance, which isn't a point in their favour from my perspective, but they've actually got Horde members, too. Including some Undead.
They had Antoine. He was... worth talking to.

...So, whatever, I don't particularly want to kill them but I'm stuck in the middle of a giant Scourge offensive. Whee. Looks like they're getting killed whether I (or they) want to or not.
And then there's glowy lights and weird effects and all the Scourge undead get blown away somehow, just leaving us death knights, and Mograine is kneeling to some human paladin and I AM NOT LIKING THIS THANK YOU VERY MUCH.